Nutritional services offered at Backbone of Healthcare:

Private consultation to determine your health goals and a plan to reach them can be as simple as gathering your medical history and symptoms, then recommending lifestyle and nutritional changes and supplements to point you in the right direction. Setting realistic goals and tracking progress is crucial for success.

Objective laboratory testing is another way that we can delve even deeper to find the underlying cause of the symptoms that brought you in the door. In addition to a thorough review of your medical history, we use objective laboratory testing to evaluate where you are today in a Science Based Nutrition ™ approach. We then analyze these results and compile a detailed report that outlines current problem areas or ones just developing that should be addressed. In your consultation, we explain dietary, lifestyle and nutrient recommendations specifically for you. Questions and calls are always welcome as we want to follow up with your progress. After a two month period we reevaluate with new lab tests to determine improvement and make further recommendations.

Standard Process® whole food supplements as well as Douglas Laboratory® supplements are available.

Do you need a speaker for your group or club? Sonya would love to present an educational nutrition program for your group. There are a variety of topics to choose from, all based on benefits of supporting your health from a nutritional aspect.